What is Kitchen Challenge?

It has a number of purposes. Those purposes can be strengthened to suit the commissioner, sponsor or investor of each challenge cohort. Each output is dependent on the participants and the self-unlocking of their learning and potential. No challenge can be replicated as a model. It is unique to the cohort community that takes part. You can learn to lead better, you can develop stronger skills and attributes for the world of work and enterprise, you can learn to eat, move and breathe better, you can gain a better chance of meaningful employment, you can be inspired to dream big and release your aspirations. You can learn to lead better within your hectic corporate and personal lives. You can improve your business performance. Via a disruptive learning process, your world will change.

  • Participants leave with clear goals and motivations to do better.
  • This is about food tasting good but additionally food doing good.
  • Kitchen Challenge enhances social capital and impact.
  • Kitchen Challenge nurtures shared values.
  • Kitchen Challenge builds capacity for making change – what the individual wants to change is up to them.

We have a variety of Kitchen Challenge products available to suit budgets outlined below.

Kitchen Challenge – the full model.

Kitchen Challenge Lite – a shorter and often non blended model.

Kitchen Challenge + – the full model plus 3 group facilitated problem solving sessions post Kitchen Challenge back in the work place.

Kitchen Challenge Taste – a variety of one day snapshots of disruptive, immersive learning.

Kitchen Challenge Compact –  four extended days of intense leadership development and challenge. Final event is Street Food Style pop up. 1/2 Day reflection post project back in commissioners offices two weeks later.

Below Image courtesy of www.chevychevell.com and CapacityDELTA