This is Kitchen Challenge.

After two years of Covid 19 we are planning to be back to as near normal as possible in 2022. Our aspiration to work with organisations in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland as priority to reconnect and invigorate organisations and individuals looking to unleash their sense of purpose and values post the lessons learnt from the Pandemic.

Invest in a Kitchen Challenge and we will show you what:

  • emotional intelligence
  • growth mindsets
  • agile teams and healthy teams
  • social purpose
  • shared values
  • social impact
  • improved well being
  • connections
  • vulnerability
  • social prescribing
  • and engaging relationships really feels like.

We will get you to be part of a purpose and how that will improve your own and companies performance.

We are an award winning project that changes lives for the better. It is recognised for its innovation, its integration of society and even showcased via Channel 4 UK globally. Promo of Kitchen Challenge inspired UK Kitchen Impossible

Kitchen Challenge was developed originally by social entrepreneur  Rob Rees MBE –  and is now available in Australia, New Zealand and India. Rob was awarded a Distinguished Talent Visa by the Australian Government in 2017 and as an advocate for Social Prescribing he hopes to help scale up change across the globe.

A little bit about us… accredited social enterprise with a collective of projects of which one is Kitchen Challenge.

What is our purpose as an organisation?

  • We want to reduce inequalities and have no gradient of difference.
  • We want to see more people in meaningful employment, creating a strong and collaborative economy.
  • We want to create more social innovation, develop better leaders and get policy changed.

What are the leading things we do?

  •  Create cultures across society of collaboration, shared value, social impact, learning and great leadership.
  • Support more people to develop their human potential.
  • Motivate more people to take part in blended and immersive projects and see the benefits to different wealth, health and knowledge

    What matters to us?

  • We work with integrity, respect inclusivity and remain positive.

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