What is the value?

What cost is there if you don’t  invest in your teams or in our community?

Evidence shows that purpose driven, engaging organisations and individuals perform better. Our evidence from Kitchen Challenge shows social impact and improved human potential. This is leadership development of a unique kind.

All public and private commissions are based on a buy one give one model.

Individual Kitchen Challenge Enrolment:

A potential baseline individual price will purchase a place for you or a colleague and include the sponsorship of someone from a community with a point of difference.

This is  perfect for the, Government Departments, SMEs, Social Enterprise and Non Profit sector and those Visa Sponsorship Organisations required to deliver under Training Benchmarks

Full Group Kitchen Challenge Enrolment:

The price for a full leadership team participation will purchase a challenge for up to 6 of your workforce and as part of the Buy One Give One model support 6 people from a community with a point of difference to join you.  The collective sponsorship will truly enrich you company purpose.

This is a perfect investment for an organisation wishing to start a journey towards a tipping point of cultural change, purpose and collective development. Perfect for an organisation looking to understand shared values and aligning its workforce accordingly. The additional celebration stakeholder event will showcase your cultural attitude, innovation and purpose.

Who is it for ?

Its perfect for the SME, Social Enterprise and Non Profit sector looking to develop individuals or teams in a creative and innovative way with a value for money price for CPD . Start up organisations can learn rapidly about corporate agility, emotional intelligence and employer engagement. Non profit executives, government officials, schools and many others can be enriched and enlightened to the benefits of “modern board” by Kitchen Challenge – and with the blend of participants from communities of difference every participant will develop stronger connectivity , purpose impact and well being. Each one will leave with a growth mindset.

Check out our version for High Schools: